What is Zoom?

The Zoom video conferencing platform is in real time, providing a virtual space to connect, meet, and learn.

Like many organizations and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, our center has been working diligently these last few months to create and deliver online services at the highest level of quality of service you expect from us. We are currently only providing online services to bring you no-contact delivery of service to keep us, our mediators, and you safe. We anticipate this to continue for the foreseeable future.

A Zoom online session can be done anywhere and on any device like a cellphone, tablet, or computer/laptop that has a camera  and with some type of internet connection. If you don't have video capabilities, not to worry. You can call into a phone number that we will provide you. It really is as easy as clicking on a link or calling in. No more hassle to find our office, deal with traffic, or juggle childcare. The DRC staff will manage all aspects of your Zoom session so you will continue to have the support you need, just like you would for in person services. We can ensure our online services are confidential, secure, and safe.

Our Zoom services can be used for both mediations and peacemaking circles for: Domestic & Family Relations, Community, B2B, Juvenile, Child Protection, Special Education cases.

To learn more about Zoom, view tutorials HERE.


For Zoom case questions and/or assistance contact,

email: thedrc@washtenaw.org or phone: 734.794.2125


What is MI-Resolve?

MI-Resolve is a text based program (like typing an email and is not in real time) that provides an efficient and accessible way of resolving disputes for ONLY small claims, general civil, and landlord-tenant cases (but not evictions) in the district court.

Through MI-Resolve, parties can go online to negotiate directly with the other party, or have a Community Dispute Resolution Center (in this case, The Dispute Resolution Center) mediator help them resolve their dispute. If the dispute is resolved, the system produces the necessary court forms for filing in the individual courts. Also, the service is free, involving no cost to the parties or court.

To learn how to use the platform, watch this short video, “How to Use MI-Resolve.”

This is a great option for people who are busy with work or families and can benefit from mediation without leaving home, particularly as the state continues to operate under a shelter-in-place order.

Types of cases that have been managed through MI-Resolve, to date:

  • Repayment of vehicle and personal loans;
  • Non-delivery or quality of goods and services;
  • Car accident (attempts to collect the deductible);
  • Landlord/Tenant (return of security deposit and disputes over the amount of security deposit withheld, completion of repairs on rental homes);
  • Return of private property between parties ending a domestic relationship;
  • Completion of repairs or home improvements (contractor/home repairs); and,
  • Neighbor use of property that doesn’t belong to them; building fence on neighbor lot.


For other resources about mediation, please view tutorials by the State Court Administrative Office:


For MI-Resolve case questions and/or assistance contact,

Stephanie Myers, email: myerss@washtenaw.org or phone: 734.634.3452