The Dispute Resolution Center Events

Mediator Trainings

We offer various mediation trainings throughout the year. Learn about topics and future dates here.

Lunch & Learn Series

Our Brown Bag Lunch educates participants about a variety of topics related to successful mediation.

Bridging 23 Conversation Circles

Bridging 23 peacemaking circles are facilitated by the DRC's trained circle keepers. These facilitated conversations are a way for community members from opposite sides of the county to connect, network, and work together to build relationships that will foster social change. Some topics we will be covering are; what does it mean to be in community, how can we build connections, and gratitude.

Restorative Justice Facilitator Trainings

In this training, you will learn and practice executing the components of the restorative justice process to address wrongdoing or crime.

Healing Justice Documentary & Dialogue Series

Healing Justice, explores the causes and consequences of the current North American justice system and its effect on marginalized communities. Learn about our next showing here.