The Dispute Resolution Center facilitates effective, affordable, and peaceful approaches to conflict resolution.

Despite the challenges due to COVID-19, we were still able to serve 762 individuals and completed 323 cases in less than a year.

To learn more about our organizations goals and outcomes, please review our annual reports below!

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Impact in Schools

In the spring of 2018, two middle school students were suspended for fighting – a physical altercation that cost them the remainder of the school year. Because the boys had not seen each other since the suspension there hadn’t been an opportunity to work out their differences. Fast forward to the new school year; both […]

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Impact in Families

A grandmother was caring for three grandchildren, the youngest a toddler with special needs. She became overwhelmed and asked a state agency for assistance. Instead, the state sent the youngest to a foster home and the other two children to live with other relatives. The grandmother fought to retain her grandchildren. She maintained she could […]

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Impact in Communities

Two neighbors in a transitional housing community have been fighting over loud music, late night company and cigarette smoke. Rather than seeking each other out to “talk” about the issues, they have taken to complaining by banging on the walls, turning up the volume and yelling to “voice” their displeasure. Meanwhile, the housing management has […]

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Impact in Businesses

A small local business was experiencing workplace conflict among the employees and between management and employees.  The conflict had been going on for several months, and even as management made small organizational changes, nothing seemed to satisfy the staff.  Within months, services were compromised, frequent clients began to complain and routine processes were coming undone.  […]

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