Behavioral Health Mediation Services Program

The Dispute Resolution Center participates in the statewide Behavioral Health Mediation Services Program which provides Community Mental Health (CMH) clients with free access to neutral, independent mediation professionals to help resolve concerns about services or treatment from CMH or Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan services.

This program makes mediation services available to the more than 230,000 Michigan residents that receive services from the Michigan Community Mental Health Services Programs system.  The Dispute Resolution Center will primarily serve clients that reside in Washtenaw and Livingston counties.

The use of mediation as a first step (although not required) in the dispute resolution process is intended to foster better treatment, relationships, and provide for a timelier agreement on what supports and services will be provided.  By participating in mediation, you will not give up any of your due process rights to use other means to address your concern.

Below are some examples (not an all-inclusive list) of the types of concerns that may be discussed in a mediation session:

•    The relationship between client and mental health staff

•    Treatment and planning steps

•    How the client was treated

•    Inclusion or exclusion during decision making process

•    Communication with the case manager or service providers

•    Expectations and boundaries

•    Barriers to accessing services

•    Involvement in the development of the treatment plan

•    Other concerns related to services, treatment plan, communication, etc.

To request a mediation for a concern related to your CMH services:

1.    Call 1-844-363-3428 to confirm your eligibility for free mediation.

2.    If you live in Washtenaw or Livingston Counties, your case will be managed by the Dispute Resolution Center

3.    A Dispute Resolution Center Mediation Coordinator will contact you for more information about the issue.

4.    The Dispute Resolution Center Mediation Coordinator will schedule and hold the mediation with you and the other parties usually within 30 days.

If you would like more information on mediation, contact the Dispute Resolution Center, 734-794-2125, 4133 Washtenaw Ave, Suite B125, PO Box 8625, Ann Arbor, MI 48107.