Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services

We provide services, including mediation trainings, restorative justice circles and trainings, facilitation, and community education programs, to schools, families, communities, and businesses. Our services help people build skills to effectively mediate and resolve conflict.

The Dispute Resolution Center’s services are provided by professional, trained mediators at a low cost, and payment plans are available. They can be delivered directly to individuals or through the court for people who have a small claims case. There is no charge for mediation services conducted by our Center when ordered by the 14A District Court.

Our mediators are also trained in civil rights cases, such as cases involving race, religion, sexual identity, disability, age, and cultural background.

An emerging practice of interest to schools and communities and one that the Dispute Resolution Center specializes in is restorative justice. This practice allows victims and offenders, along with their support persons, to come together in a safe environment to discuss and understand what happened, why it happened, the impact of the incident and how to make it right. This is a powerful process that we use with students, families, and litigants of the Peacemaking Court.

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