Mission & History

The Dispute Resolution Center offers affordable, constructive, restorative and healing approaches to conflict resolution for the residents of Washtenaw and Livingston counties.

We hold firmly the values of:

  • Respect - an understanding that all people have value and need to be treated with humanity and dignity;
  • Integrity - an adherence to the principles of fairness and wholeness, using a transparent consensus process whenever possible;
  • Accessibility - easy to contact or approach;
  • Restorative Justice - promoting processes using truth-telling, sharing of information and empowerment with the intent of repairing the harm;
  • Diversity & Inclusion - promoting and sustaining a sense of community belonging that values and respects the talents, beliefs and backgrounds of its members.


We have been working with individuals, schools, families, and businesses to build peaceful communities since 1983, and are one of 18 Community Dispute Resolution Programs (CDRP) in Michigan.

We are a 501 (3)(c) non-profit that is funded by the Michigan Supreme Court, service contracts, foundations, and individual donors. We appreciate the many partnerships throughout Michigan that include, the State Court Administrative Office; Washtenaw County Trial Court; Peacemaking Court; 14A, 14B, and 15th District Courts; Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office; Washtenaw County Government, University of Michigan Law School, Dispute Resolution Educational Resources, Inc. WSU M.A. Dispute Resolution, local attorney bar associations, and local school districts, all of which make our work possible.

We invite you to read about the impact we have made on our communities and join us in making a difference by volunteering, donating to our cause, or utilizing our services.

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