Our team of volunteer mediators are an integral part of the Dispute Resolution Center’s mission. All volunteer mediators are required to meet and complete the following requirements:

  • 40-Hour Mediation Course.
  • Our volunteers are expected to commit to mediate at least three (3) cases per year.
  • Eight (8) hours of Continuing Education are required each year.

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This commitment helps us to ensure our clients’ disputes are mediated by qualified mediators. It also ensures that our mediators continue to improve and refine their skills. All mediators are required to comply with the DRC Ethics Standards (listed on page 8 & 9 of the Mediator Handbook) when mediating at the Center.


How to become a DRC volunteer mediator:

  1. Complete a State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) 40 Hour Training.  The DRC offers trainings in the spring and fall.  See Trainings for more information or to sign up today.
  2. Attend a DRC procedures orientation.
  3. Sign up to start observing cases with Sally Brush


Advanced Mediator Trainings:

Please see our Trainings tab for current schedule


The Dispute Resolution Center
has over 100 trained volunteer mediators who conduct over 500 mediations on average each year and donate 1,100+ hours annual.  They represent a great many professional and community backgrounds including attorneys, educators, social service and health professionals, community leaders and more.  For every conflict, our staff carefully chooses a mediation team whose education and experience most closely match the issues and the people involved in the conflict.