• What is Mediation?
    Over the course of a typical 2 hour mediation, mediators lead disputing parties through a discussion and help them develop their own agreement.  Everyone gets heard without interruption, in a...
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  • Mission & Values
    MISSION The Dispute Resolution Center offers affordable, constructive, restorative and healing approaches to conflict resolution. VISION We partner and collaborate with individuals, families and businesses to build peaceful communities.  VALUES...
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  • History
    Founded in 1983, the DRC is one of 19 nonprofit community dispute resolution centers operating under the supervision of the Michigan State Court Administrative Office (SCAO). The DRC provides affordable mediation...
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Why Use Mediation?

Mediation lets you own the decision-making process. The process is completely PRIVATE and remains CONFIDENTIAL. 1.

The decision-making process belongs to you. You decide how to best resolve your dispute. Unlike court, no one judges your problem and tells you what to do. You get to reach an agreement that you can live with.
It works. Thousands of cases have been successfully mediated to all parties’ satisfaction. In court, someone wins, someone loses. The goal of mediation is to have all parties arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement.
It’s affordable. Mediation service is less expensive than other venues. No one is refused service for inability to pay.
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