Conflict Resolution Day:

Free Mediation Services

Are you having a problem, an argument or conflict with a family member, spouse, friend, neighbor, or co-worker?

Have you tried to work it out, but just can’t seem to resolve the situation?

The DRC can help!

More often than not, we see that an argument, disagreement, or conflict leads to broken relationships for our clients. At the DRC we want to help you repair those relationships by bringing everyone together to talk through the issues, ensure that everyone’s voice is being heard, and that in the end everyone comes to a better understanding. We want to help you move toward healing and reconciliation so, you can focus on what’s most important in your life.


I think this is for me! What do I do next?

Next Steps

  • Call our office at: 734-794-2125
  • Ask to speak with a Mediation Services Coordinator about your situation.
  • Be able to provide contact info of the other party.
  • The DRC will contact the other person to schedule a session for Friday. If they agree, your Mediation Coordinator will contact you.
      • Our mediation times are: 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm, 5pm-7pm at both locations
  • Please prepare to set aside 2 hours of time.

Even if you don't have situation that needs to be mediated, we'll have conflict coaches to support you! Conflict Coaches can help you:

-Clarify key issues and identify goals
-Create a road map that helps achieve those goals
-Shift unhelpful reactions into constructive responses
-Improve language and communication skills for more efficient and constructive interactions
-Become better problem solvers by developing personal insight, clarity, and different structure for thought processes.

OR if you just want to learn more about who we are and what we do, stop in anytime from 11:00 AM -7:00 PM and say "Hi!" at either location!

Can't make it Friday? Give us a call and mention "Conflict Resolution Day" for one FREE future mediation session and we can help get you started!

Questions? Contact Germaine Smith, smithger@washtenaw.org or 734-794-2125.





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