Special Education Mediation

Issues which arise between parents of students with disabilities and school personnel are often challenging and emotional. Although everyone wants the best educational program for each student, not everyone always agrees on what is best.  The Dispute Resolution Center offers the following services to parents and schools, free of charge:


The Michigan Special Education Mediation Program (MSEMP) provides parents and schools with Special Education Dispute Resolution services free of charge in every county throughout Michigan. Common disputes mediated include:  evaluation, eligibility for services, educational programs, placement, disciplinary issues, procedural safeguards and other matters that may interfere with the successful delivery of Special Education Services. Mediation is voluntary, confidential, and can result in a written, signed agreement that may be incorporated into an Individualized Educational Program (IEP), or an Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP).


Neutral facilitators can help parents and schools work together  to plan for students with special needs.  Facilitation is used for IFSP,  IEP and Resolution Meetings.  Facilitators can organize meetings so participants can focus on the issues, contribute ideas and work toward solutions.  Facilitation ensures that meetings stay student-focused, clarify points of agreement and disagreement, model effective communication and listening, support all parties in participating fully, and encourage parents and schools to identify new options to address unresolved problems.

Call the Dispute Resolution Center for a phone consultation with a coordinator at 734-794-2125 or in Livingston county at 517-546-6007 or Click to email us.

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