Small Claims

The DRC has partnered with the 14A District Court to provide mediation services to all people who have a small claims case.  The judges have found that when people try mediaton first they usually can reach a satisfactory agreement. Therefore, all small claims cases in 14A are ordered to mediation before going before the magistrate. There is no charge to the parties for mediation conducted by the Center when it is ordered by the 14A District Court.

If you have a small claims dispute but you have not yet filed with the Small Claims Court, you may also wish to pursue mediation as an alternative to litigation. Please contact our office and speak to mediation services coordinator. Remember that by coming to mediation does not mean you give up your right to go to court if your case is not resolved.

Our small claims mediators have fulfilled the mediator requirements with the Michigan Community Dispute Resolution Program. If you are interested in requesting mediation outside of the Court process, you can directly contact The Dispute Resolution Center by call The DRC for a phone consultation with a coordinator at 734-794-2125 in Washtenaw, or in Livingston County 517-546-6007 or Click to email us.

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