Our Services

The Dispute Resolution Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides and promotes accessible, high-quality dispute resolution services for all people in Washtenaw and Livingston Counties. These services include mediation and restorative practices.

In addition, the DRC offers Mediation TrainingCustomized Mediation Training, Restorative Justice Trainings, Facilitation Services and Community Education Programs designed to give individuals, businesses and communities the skills necessary to effectively mediate and resolve conflicts.

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Restorative Justice 

Restorative Justice practices allow victims and offenders, along with their support persons, to come together in a safe environment to discuss and understand what happened, why it happened, the impact of the incident and how to make it right.  This is a powerful process that we use with students, families and litigants of the Peacemaking Court.  This approach is more than conflict resolution; it provides understanding, insight and healing for the participants and the community.





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For the school community, we teach students to be peer mediators and provide restorative circles when there has been significant harm from one student to another.  Peer mediation is not only a mechanism for student-to-student conflict resolution, it is also a tool for leadership development for youth that lasts a lifetime. The peer mediators are taught to listen, communicate with empathy, be non-judgmental and to problem solve.  Restorative circles also empower youth to be accountable for their actions, understand the impact of their behavior and empower them to be a part of the restorative process.






Our services are extended to families who are struggling with conflict as a result of a separation/divorce, custody matters, parenting time, care of a loved one and/or financial matters.Our services empower feuding couples and family members to redefine themselves as a team with a focus on co-parenting effectively, managing their financial matters, and being more effective caregivers.





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Our community service recipients include organizations and institutions.  The DRC partners with individuals, community organizations and institutions to support their conflict resolution needs through an impartial third party, design and implement dispute resolution systems or facilitate large group issues.