Ashish S. Joshi, Board of Directors

Ashish S. Joshi is a trial lawyer at Lorandos Joshi P.C. Mr. Joshi relishes the courtroom battles and his practice focuses on complex litigation cases – the make or break cases where companies, careers, reputations, families, liberty, and life are at stake.

Mr. Joshi’s cases have covered a wide spectrum, from international cases involving theft of trade secrets to highly contentious celebrity divorce cases involving millions of dollars of marital estate, from cases involving severe parental alienation and holding children hostage to cases of false allegations of sexual abuse, from a case involving the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction to a World Bank project mired in litigation in a foreign jurisdiction amidst allegations of local corruption, from cases alleging Medicare and healthcare fraud, insider trading, RICO and money laundering to alien smuggling and child pornography. Mr. Joshi and his team have represented clients around the country and internationally.

Apart from domestic state and federal litigation, Mr. Joshi’s unique background – fluent in multiple languages and holding graduate and professional degrees in accounting and securities along with substantial litigation experience in India - has also provided him an edge in cross-border investigations and international dispute resolution.

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