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an area of compromise or possible agreement that is acceptable to many different people 

"Michigan ADR @ 25"

Doug Van Epps Director, Office of Dispute Resolution at Michigan Supreme Court


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the State Court Administrative Office's (SCAO) awarding grants to Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) centers, and the 15th anniversary of the Michigan Supreme Court's adoption of court rules that established the framework for ADR practice in the trial courts.

Many people and organizations deserve credit for the rapid growth of ADR practice in Michigan. Among them are members of the SCAO's early advisory committees that created the structure of the CDRP initiative, and the early mediators who took on the role of mediator trainers and mentors at a time when there were virtually no mediators in the state. 

The pioneering champions of mediation who created local dispute resolution programs in the late 1980’s also deserve recognition. With few or no funds yet available, boards of directors at 12 locations across the state organized to form dispute resolution programs that became the first to be financially supported by the SCAO. The premise then, and remains today, that with the help of a mediator, many people in conflict could resolve their own problems to their mutual satisfaction.

There would be no community mediation, of course, without the volunteer mediators who have contributed so much time and effort to helping members of their own communities resolve their differences. The mediators, many of whom have served for a decade or more, deserve our most heartfelt gratitude.

The resolve of mediators 25 years ago to help their neighbors find solutions to their conflicts appears continually reinforced by their success in resolving increasingly complex cases. Conflict is inevitable; litigation is not. Hopefully, the next quarter century will bring even greater opportunity for Michigan citizens to discover that mediation can be a productive and economical way to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution for everyone. 

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The DRC Welcomes New Board Members
Lorin Cartwright, Board President


We welcome Anthony Walesby, Judy Hallas, and Susan Galardi to The Dispute Resolution Center.  Each new Board member brings a wonderful set of skills that will bring energy and tremendous knowledge.  Check out each of their biographies and learn more about our new Board.

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Thank you medrecptn

Thank You Ann Arbor Community Foundation
Belinda Dulin, Executive Director


The Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and Supporters thank that Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation and Coordinated Funders for its continued support through the Comprehensive Capacity Building Program in conjunction with the NEW Center and capacity building for the peacemaking program.  The DRC will extend its reach in the community because of your support!