AA MarriageSep shutterstock_151958963Would you recommend mediation to others?

“Yes it was the understanding [and] giving that lets me know I have support”
- Parent, School Attendance Mediation Participant

“Yes, I will recommend mediation to others so they can get help like I did”
 -Student, School Attendance Mediation Participant

“The mediation process allows both parties to be heard & understood”
 -Workplace Mediation Participant

Would you use mediation again?

”I would use the mediation process again; it was a positive process, where information was shared and solutions sought” -Teacher, School Attendance Mediation Participant

“Yes, I would use mediation again if I need more help”
 -Student, School  Attendance Mediation Participant

“Yes. Mediation is a no blame process [in order] to come to a solution”
 -Teacher, School Attendance Mediation Participant

“Yes. Mediation helps students, parents and school admin to stay on top of things…to see things before [they] happen…so you can avoid the pitfalls”  -School Attendance

“Yes. I would use mediation again.  I actually had a full conversation with my [family] with
no arguments.” -Mediation Participant

“Yes. With mediation people can put their issues on paper and come up with an effective plan” -Parent, Mediation Participant


AA four-architects-sitting-around-tableWhat was most helpful about mediation?

“Back and forth discussion in front of a neutral party.  Having someone ask questions we had not thought of.”-Family Mediation Participant

“Everyone Listened” -Family Mediation Participant

“Agreement reached even when it seemed impossible.  Something about the process make[s] people get more reasonable” - Family Mediation Participant

 School programs-

“The peer mediation program at Ypsilanti High School is a step in the right direction for handling student conflicts and creating a positive school culture. Students will be empowered to work out their own problems. This empowerment is needed for student maturity and skill building.”  - Jessica McLemore Peer Mediation Coordinator Ypsilanti High School

“Part of the change that you see right now is when we have conflicts the kids are beginning to talk through what is wrong.  They talk about is as opposed to fighting.”
 –Justin Jennings, Principal of Ypsilanti Community High School

Community partners-

“I support and applaud the Dispute Resolution Center for modeling in our greater community what we try on a small scale to practice in the workplace.”
 –Paul Saginaw, Zingerman’s Mediation Participant


“The DRC was integral to our being able to discover what the real issues were in this negotiation and to helping us find common ground.  Through intense sessions, they guided us to a set of agreements that I believe will keep our relationship strong for years to come.”
–Conan Smith, Washtenaw County Commissioner

Brown Bag Lunch-

“There’s always something new… It’s good even for experienced mediators to get reinforcement of skills.”

“Opened up thoughts of how mediation is very useful in a broad range of issues and situations– possibilities in community mediation in areas outside of personal mediation.”

“Good frank discussion about emotional challenges during mediation.”

“I liked the openness and willingness to share doubts and hopes.”

“This is a great way to make the transition from the training to practicing mediation.”

“Good reinforcement of the importance of mediating with an open mind.”